Pipeline Coating Protection System

The CMP Fibalite Pipeline Coating Protection System is especially engineered for Horizontal Directional Drilling and Micro Tunnelling Projects and approved by global operating oil- and gas companies. The system is designed in order to prevent high risk mechanical damage of the existing pipeline coating (e.g. FBE, PP, PE, HDPE, etc.). Without protection of the pipeline coating, damage occurs and results in chemical corrosion, so rust. The CMP Fibalite Pipeline Coating Protection System provides the pipeline coating with the mechanical protection necessary for the drilling or tunnelling operation. The system will be applied on piping used in the drilling or tunnelling operations for Road Crossings, Camel Crossings, River Crossings, Railroad Crossings, etc.



Characteristics Pipeline Coating Protection System

  • UV curing
  • high mechanical resistance
  • extra chemical corrosion protection
  • easy to apply
  • clean work