About CMP Fibalite

CMP Fibalite is a globally operating company with experience in surface treatment, specialized in the prevention and protection of surfaces from corrosion. Since 1973 the company helps extend the life cycle of their client’s assets. For that purpose CMP Fibalite develops and markets coatings and maintenance products and -systems. The focus areas of CMP Fibalite can be subdivided into four main categories: coatings maintenance products, uv curing fiberglass, pipeline rehabilitation and advisory & inspection.

CMP Fibalite over the years

40 years of knowledge

CMP Fibalite is a family owned business with a rich history that started more than 40 years ago. From a modest start with few products and one employee, the company has grown into a multinational group with 15 products and a presence in 5 markets and 12 countries. Nowadays the knowledge and experience of two generations is present in order to provide clients with the best advice.


Over the years CMP Fibalite has focused on and specialised itself in a specific range of products and maintenance systems. Decided was not to invest in the expansion of the product range but in the improvement and optimization of the existing ones. Extensive knowledge is gained and therefore CMP Fibalite is able to provide the maintenance market with sustainable solutions to prevent and/or resolve corrosion problems in order to extend the life cycle of client’s assets. In new construction- as well as in (preventive) maintenance projects. Hereby the amount of maintenance and inspections are reduced, and therefore costs are saved. The different coatings and linings can be used as a single product or in a combination of products (system).

CMP Fibalite is a specialized and reputable company in the maintenance sector. Their quality products are used in the oil and gas industry, as well in the offshore-, marine-, petro-chemical and refinery-markets.

The sale of special coatings for industrial applications started in the Benelux in 1973. Since 1993 the company expended the workfield and nowadays CMP Fibalite works in 12 different countries. The global realization of various projects is for CMP Fibalite successful and offers many perspectives.

Innovative Applications

CMP Fibalite is continuously developing new application possibilities which the company believes add value to the market’s existing applications and to the customer’s needs. In consultation with the customer CMP Fibalite develops products according to their needs. Thereby sustainability is the key word.

Structural solutions

CMP Fibalite offers a range of solutions to various corrosion problems. The coatings and maintenance products and systems are applicable as well as for repair and renovation of existing assets (resolve existing corrosion problems), for preventive maintenance and new construction. In consonance with the customer CMP Fibalite provides the best solution to the problem.