Focus areas

CMP Fibalite is a specialized and renowned company in the maintenance sector. The quality products and technologies are mainly applied in the oil and gas industry. See below for other areas and markets where CMP Fibalite is active.

Innovative applications

CMP Fibalite is constantly developing new applications that, according to the company, add value to the applications already present in the market and that are needed by the customer. In addition, it is possible that CMP Fibalite develops a product according to need in consultation with the customer. Sustainability is the keyword here.


Applications of CMP Fibalite products for application in refineries

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Applications of CMP Fibalite products for application in the petrochemical industry

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Applications of CMP Fibalite products for application in the offshore environmentLees meer


Applications of CMP Fibalite products for application in the marine environment

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Applications of CMP Fibalite products for application in the industrial environment

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